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#Butterflies and Transformation…My #NaturalHair Journey and #Writing


For the past three weeks I have been slowly making changes to my natural hair, keeping track of the change on my Instagam and Facebook pages.  It started with a hair cut and ended with a new color. Why? Because sometimes in life, you have to make a change, transform, and emerge as something new…like a…

#Editing is Fundamental…a response to a viewers question on Facebook

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Googling Inspiration and Keeping Characters in Motion

Kellis Independence Necklace

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that dealt with writing, I know, I know…life has had me struggling to find focus on my life, family, and job and not so much on writing. Attempting to find a line that balances everything is daunting. I have the good days and bad days…

Join me at Barnes & Noble for a Teen Writer’s Workshop!


I will be hosting the B-Creative Teen Writer’s Workshop held at Barnes & Noble located in Morrow, Georgia on Sunday, June 12th starting at 2:00 P.M.! This will be a fun and interactive story development workshop created by Adaptive Studios, a Los Angeles-based publisher that publishes books, graphic novels, and makes movies, television shows, and digital series by taking…

Meet Me at the Library!

Riverdale 4.16.16

I’m excited to announce that I have been invited to the Riverdale Library branch of the Clayton County Library System this month! The first three novels of my series,The Butterfly Memoirs (A Heart Not Easily Broken, Jaded, and Lonely Heart) have been a part of the libraries catalog for the past six months and have…

And then I discovered the go to phrase that drives me crazy….


He/She sighed… (Used as action to show exasperation) Now… (Used to show passion about something) To name a few…. Writers… Have you ever read back over your work and noticed your ‘go to’ or ‘catch’ phrase that is a part of your writing style? Did it sound good at the time, but now, years later…

I LOVE Audio Books!!! Do You?

MJ's Pics

As an author who works a full-time job, it’s hard to balance writing my own books and reading the novels from my favorite authors. The even funnier part…I am a Librarian Assistant. Yep, I’m around books alllllllllll day! And yes, it’s heaven! Before I started writing, it was weekly tradition to pack up the kids…

Find My Books On Overdrive In Nashville, Tennessee!!!


If you live in Nashville, Tennessee, boy do I have a surprise for you! If you have a library card, you can now read the first four novels in The Butterfly Memoirs series on your eReader! Log onto the library’s website and look for the downloads link. Follow it to Overdrive and put M.J. Kane in…

My Holiday Gift to You: Another #FREE Read for the Holidays!

Red Christmas gift box and baubles on background of defocused golden lights.

If you enjoyed reading the first novel of The Butterfly Memoirs series, A Heart Not Easily Broken, then you will love this! Check out this #FREE short story read that picks up where A Heart Not Easily Broken ended! Discover what happens when Brian and Ebony’s families meet and the two are forced to make…

#Clayton County Presents Greg Street We Need 2 Read “Read-A-Thon $3000”!!!

read a thon

  Yep, you read that right my friends! The Clayton County Library System and Atlanta DJ, Greg Street are teaming up to encourage our young people to read! Here’s what you need to know: Date: Saturday, November 21, 2015 Location: Clayton County Headquarter’s Library, 865 Battle Creek Road, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236 Registration Time: Starts at 8 A.M.…

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