Loving Day 2014…Interracial Romance in Entertainment: Is it realistic?

The goal of any form of entertainment is to present a story that draws its viewers away from their daily lives and into another reality. Settings and scenes can be unrealistic, and depending on what genre, a bit over the top. The beauty of it all is that IR couples have found their way into nearly every genre of books, movies, and television, thus expanding the entertainment options for lovers of Interracial Romance couples. Over the last few weeks, I have been taking advantage of television services such as Hulu and Netflix, and enjoying television shows from the 70’s up 2014. It has been interesting to watch the evolution of couples presented on television through the years. I’ll share with you some of my favorites.


Tom and Helen WillisThe Jefferson’s: Tom and Helen Willis (WM/BF) (Not Sure What their profession is)– Comedy- 1975-1985

I remember watching the show as a little girl and wondering why a black woman was married to a white man. Back then interracial couples on television were a rarity. Racist comments were often used by George Jefferson, in regards to the couple, who didn’t approve of their relationship, yet, the couples still managed to be friends. The depiction of Tom and Helen wasn’t always flattering, but their love was real. Not exactly the best stab at showing the realistic side of interracial romance, but it was a start.


Leverage: Alec Hardison and Parker (BM/WF) (The Hacker and the Thief)Parker and HardisonAction/Crime/Mystery—2008-2012

I loved this show when it was on the air. Though the two characters didn’t start off as a couple, they were able to relate to one another due to unhappy childhoods. The sexual tension went on for a few seasons, but progressed as they became a couple. They writers even incorporated a storyline that dated back to the days of World War II (The Van Gogh Job; aired July 17, 2011). Hardison plays a black army officer who fell in love with a white woman in a small town, who is played by Parker, in the flashbacks. The reality of what the two characters went through during their time as an interracial couple brought to life the differences between society back then and society’s look at IR couples today. And just as the storyline with the couple got interesting, the series ended. Talk about disappointment!


Olivia and FitzScandal: President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope (WM/BF) (The President of the U.S. and the Fixer)– Drama/Thriller- 2012-Current

The popularity of this show is epic. It’s hard to tell what draws viewers to the show more, the fact that Olivia is an African American woman who is powerful in the world of politics, or if it’s because she’s an African American woman sleeping with the President of the United States. I’m pretty sure it’s a mixture of the two, but regardless, Shonda Rhimes and the show’s writers have grabbed viewers attention week after week.  And to make it even more interesting, Olivia’s heart has flipped between dating her ex (an African American male who is a political force himself), and another white male, the presidents friend, who has more power than the president. One thing is for sure; Olivia doesn’t cut herself short and sleep with the mail man! 🙂  How realistic is the storyline? It depends on your take of politics. Either way, it’s great entertainment!


Chicago Fire: Matthew Casey and Gabriela Dawson and (WM/HF) (The Firefighter and the Paramedic)Chicago FireAction/Drama- 2012-Current

This show is all about the reality of the common man and woman in 2014 . The male lead is a firefighter who is a lieutenant; his love interest, a Hispanic female, is a paramedic who works at the same firehouse. At the end of this current season, she’s moved from being a paramedic to becoming a female firefighter. How awesome is that? So, not only are IR couples making a statement in television, they are also tackling the subject of strong women working in a male dominated field.


flyer2As an author who writes IR Romance novels, how has that affected my writing?

For starters, it’s encouraging to see writers in Hollywood are reaching out to an audience of viewers who come from diverse backgrounds and are looking for stories that reflect the reality of their lives. As an author, it is my goal to do the same for my readers.

A Heart Not Easily Broken features Ebony Campbell (BF) and Brian Young (WM). Jaded is about a Yasmine Phillips (Bi-racial Woman) and Zachariah Givens (BM). My latest release, Lonely Heart, features Kaitlyn Rodgers (WF) and Antonio Rodriguez (HM). The subjects I write about explore the reality of IR romance as my characters face life changing events. Topics such as family views of interracial dating, problems in the workplace, fulfilling lifelong dreams, recovering from a broken heart to find love again, the loss of a loved one due to breast cancer, becoming a single parent, and the repercussions of keeping secrets from the ones you love, are found in my novels- just to name a few. If you are looking for a series that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride will exploring the reality of life, love, friendship, and family, The Butterfly Memoirs series is for you. Take a moment to check out the characters and get to know them. Enjoy the rest of Loving Day 2014!

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