Back-to-School with the Georgia Cyber Academy! August 11 – September 5, 2014

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Hi everyone! I know, I know, it’s been a while. My last post was shortly after my youngest kids completed the CRCT. I was supposed to do a follow up, but life stepped in and I got so busy that I decided to wait until the start of the school year to catch everything up. I hope everyone had a good summer!

So, the 2014-2015 school year has started, what’s new in my home school world? A lot!

For starters, my two home school ‘experiment’ kids, (lol), finished off the year doing a lot better than I expected! One finished with All A’s and one B (6th) and the other had B’s and C’s. (7th). He learned a lot about the difference in home school and brick-and-mortar schools, namely the fact that you can’t be lazy and think it’s going to be okay. After some tears, discussions, and encouragement, he’s determined to get a much better start this year (this will be the first full year in the GCA; we started January 2014), he knows that if he puts his best foot forward in the beginning, then he’ll have a better chance of being successful at the end. Fingers crossed!!!

The first week consisted of taking Math and Reading Scantrons to see where they are with their grades. Next came the start of OLS class work and pretests in each subject to again, access the students on what they do and don’t know. Live classes didn’t start until last week, after Labor Day. So of course it’s time to really dig in and get the wake up/work routine down. I’m sure we’re going to have a week or two of frustration before the dust settles.

A new element to our home school world is my oldest daughter’s decision to complete her final year as a senior in the GCA program and not return to Mount Zion High School where she was an Art Major in the Magnet program. This was a really bold move for her. Here’s why:

1) She started the Magnet program in the 9th grade, went through two rounds of auditions to get in (she failed the first time).

2) It was a great experience, and she’s learned a lot about photography, digital art, drawing, and painting.

3) With this being her senior, her portfolio must continue to grow to a certain level in order to qualify for an art scholarship. She’s almost there.

Like I said…the decision was a bold move. Here’s why we feel confident about it:

  • Working from home will allow time for her to work at her own pace without distraction from other students in school. There are no teachers lumping her in a category of disruptive students when she asks a question. There are teachers qualified to do the job and not ones who do more time fussing than teaching.
  • No more bomb threats, random drug dog searches/pat downs, or school lock downs, or her coming home telling me police were at school because somebody was suspected of having a gun.
  • No more sitting for hours in a classroom doing nothing because she finished her work early, but the school schedule says she has to stay in Social Studies for an hour and a half. She can take this time and direct it back to continuing to grow her art portfolio, or find a job. (By the way, she’s completed several small art projects during the summer and is starting her own business)

Oh and the distraction of boys that are up to no good…did I mention there’s less issues with that, too? LOL, okay, more of a parenting thing than anything to do with her education! 🙂

Additional benefits we’re enjoying this year with the GCA include:

My daughter, 7th grade: This week my youngest daughter, who is in the 7th grade, got invited to join The National Junior Beta Club! So you know what we’re about to do! We are so proud!

My son, 8th grade: He did a month of online Math tutoring to help him with some issues he had last year. He’s also signed up for math tutoring four days a week through the GCA in addition to his math class.

My daughter, 12th grade: Upon acceptance into the program, she was given a brand new HP laptop and printer to work with. Now each of my kids has their own computer to work at their own pace. She’s on point with her classes for the most part. She has credits to make up for a failed semester of Spanish II (the teacher she had really sucked. So did mine when I was in high school!) and a semester of Biology. She’s taking a semester of credit recovery classes for the first semester. Upon completion, she will be on track for graduation. She’s also taking an ACT/SAT prep class to prepare her for taking the SAT in December. Did you know they offer a FREE TESTING WAIVER? If you qualify, you can get up to two! We are filling out that paperwork! Oh and check this out, she’s taking a Culinary Class! It’s the first time it’s been offered through the GCA. Can’t wait to see how this goes. I’m sure there will be plenty of blog info to share in the months to come!

Stay tuned!



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  1. Sound like my daughter, and Grans, are starting off the year with a big BANG, stick with it, don’t forget the more important things………………………………………………………………………………….MOM

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