When Characters Start Talking….#MJKaneMedia Update!

Once upon a time, ‘voices’ started popping into my head. No, not the crazy kind that get you sent to the insane asylum, but the ones authors get when an idea about what story to write comes to you in the middle of the night, while in the shower, or sitting in traffic. That voice that comes to you with an incredible one-liner that catches your attention and makes you sit up and take notice…

“I should be happy, but I’m not.” 

I have to say, the character who dropped by my brain to share that comment shocked me. When I last wrote his story, I left him in a happy place, his story had been told. Well, like life, none of our stories come to an end until the day we die. There are times in life when we are content, go through trials that test us, have a moment of euphoria, and of course realization that what we thought we wanted isn’t enough, we want, no, need more.

Writing Reality…

That is my brand of storytelling…stories that reflect the reality of life for the everyday reader. Stories that could be happening to your best friend, a family member, the neighbor next door, or even you.

No fantasy.

No overboard situations.

Just good old fashioned ‘this could be you’ stories.

Inspirational. Thought-provoking. Emotional. 

I won’t tell you which character shared that one-liner with me just yet, but know, I am now listening to him. As much as I’d love to sit down and write his story right now, there are many other things on my plate that need to be attended to first.

I’m working with my editor to fine tune the next story in The Butterfly Memoirs series, NOBODY’S BUSINESS…, and I love the way it’s going! No matter how much you think you know the story and your characters, nothing makes the strength of the words you’ve written stand out more than stepping away from them for weeks and then getting the edits back and ‘seeing’ the story again. I’m falling in love with my characters even more, and can’t wait until it’s ready for publication! Seriously, my fingers are twitching over here with the desire to share an excerpt! But alas….not yet. 🙂  What I CAN tell you is that this story is about Ebony’s (A HEART NOT EASILY BROKEN, Book 1) twin brother, Trevon Campbell, a so called player, who finds himself caught between two women…and a son. The Prologue and first Chapter of his story can be found in the back of LONELY HEART (Book 3), Kaitlyn’s story. The book cover is next, along with the blurb and release date announcement, but know it’s coming SUMMER, 2015!!! Can’t wait!

The characters for the fifth installment in the series, to be titled, have also introduced themselves so I’m in the development stages of that story.

There is a novella in the works as well that has nothing at all to do with The Butterfly Memoirs series…

And of course the one character who popped back in to say that he wasn’t happy…we’ll see where that goes.

Until the next time….Happy Writing and Reading!


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