Don’t feel like you need a website to build your brand? Think again!



*Today I had the opportunity to teach a class on How to Build A WordPress Website! The enthusiastic response to the class from the community was way more than I expected! So of course, I had to share of few of the tips taught in class with you, my readers!Enjoy!!*

In order to truly build your brand, it takes work. It’s marketing. It’s promoting. It’s finding your brands identity and being bold enough to share it with the world. Don’t think you can do it? Wrong!

If you have profiles set up on social networking sights such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, you’ve already started building your brand. BUT, it’s not the only place to let people know what you’re doing. When you promote and share your information on a social networking site, your reach is limited. You can only reach people who follow you. So, if you only have 150 followers, only 150 people have access to your information, and if you keep posting the same promotion, eventually it will become the commercial that no one watches.

So, how do you get your brand noticed?

By building a website!

Websites have the potential to reach millions of readers. Of course, this doesn’t just happen when you push the publish button. There is work involved. For starters, connecting your social network sites to you blog posts with share buttons, such as the ones you’ll see when you finish reading this blog, will get your words out to all of your followers without you having to go into each site and posting. Linking up with other likeminded bloggers on sites such as Tribber can assist in spreading the word as well. With just a few clicks of a button, your new posts will be shared to people who are not in your personal network and increase your reach to new subscribers.

So, the number one question is who do you choose to host your website?

It’s all about preferences and what it is you’re looking to do with your site. For the most part, websites such as and are great for first time website hosting. The service is free and with patience and practice, and reading the helpful guides, you can navigate your way into creating a successful website, without spending a dime!

Want to get make your site stand out even more, upgrading to a paid version of your website or using outside services such as will allow you to build your site from the ground up. You can also add custom widgets and plugin’s to make your site do things, such as sell your products directly from your website!

What type of content does your website need to have?

Start with the basics:

  • Home: You can use this as a Welcome/stagnant page
  • About Me/Us/Etc.: Tell your story
  • Contact Me: Generic form for people to fill out for quick and easy email contact
  • Blog: This is where you share your products, talk about yourself/products, share information and encourage reader engagement
  • Misc. Pages- Add more pages for product content, or anything else you think will draw and keep readers on your site


*Don’t worry about filling this all in at one time! You can always add/delete/expand content at your discretion!*

Use Images to make your post have more of an impact. Today’s readers like it short, sweet, and visual. Think of the most popular post and tweets that are viral…they all have a picture or video attached. Remember, a picture says a thousand words, thus the reason why sites such as Instagram are popular. Draw attention to your site with images. Be sure they are royalty free. Also, avoid stock photos that have watermarks. When possible, create your own visual effects by taking pictures, or creating images in Photoshop or Publisher and saving them as JPEG files. When posting, save your images as Featured Images to your post, they will show up when your post is shared and draw attention to your information. Make sure to use hashtags to draw attention to your posts. Using these make it easy for your post to be found on social media sites.


Now that you have a game plan, have fun with creating your own home on the world wide web!



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