#FREE READ Sunday! Crossroads..a Butterfly Memoir Mini- Chapter 3

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Last week you met Trevon Campbell, a man full of confidence and loving life…and his car. While his sisters are enjoying the married life, he’s made it known that he has no intentions of settling down just yet. How long will that last? Stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, lets find out what’s happening with Ebony….


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How in the world did I end up running late? If Brian saw me now, he’d be laughing his butt off.

Me, the queen of getting to work on time. A second night in a row of sleeping alone left me tossing and turning for most of the night. And of course, by the time I got some sleep, it was nearly time to get up. If it wasn’t for Dr. Tucker calling me to meet for breakfast, I’d still be in bed dreaming.

Swimming pools filled with fish and blue-eyed babies with golden brown hair.

In the bathroom, I splashed water in my face.

Babies. The dream was nothing but the manifestations of conversations with my mother and the fact my sister was pregnant. What else could it be? I had too much going on to even think about going down that life path.

Brian and I wanted to have kids one day. We’d been married for a year and a half but had not set a timeline on when to reach our goal. We lived our lives and enjoyed the benefits of hard work. With our hectic schedules, it often felt as though we spent more time passing each other on the way to and from work. That didn’t stop us from spending quality time together, not by a long shot. When Brian had recording sessions at the studio that worked late into the night, I set the clock in order to wake up and greet him when he returned, even if I had to get up early the next morning. On the evenings he had off, he planned special dates and greeted me when I returned home after a long day at work.

Our schedules, while as crazy as it seemed, worked because we supported each others goals.

Now, after eight long years of hard work, I’d graduated from college and earned my veterinarian degree.

Dr. Ebony M. Young, DVM.

For years I imagined the degree ending with my maiden name of Campbell, but I liked seeing my married name on the license. I ignored my sister’s suggestion of hyphenating my last name, though. As independent as I was, I believed in the age old tradition of taking my husband’s last name and leaving my maiden name behind.

Besides, when we did have kids, how would it read on the birth certificate?

Wait a minute, why was I thinking about babies again?

I brushed my teeth, threw on my clothes, thankful for the fact that I’d taken a shower before climbing into bed, and headed downstairs to meet Dr. Tucker. No more thinking of babies or starting a family. Right now, my time was all about me.


“And this is the break room,” the tour guide said.

Dr. Tucker and I were being given the grand tour of Zoo Atlanta, behind the scenes. Everyone here seemed cordial. That was one thing I loved about the South. Smiles and hellos were hard to come by in L.A. Everyone seemed content with not speaking and minding their own business. I had gotten used to it after residing there for nearly nine years.

“Next stop, the Panda Exhibit.”

My attention perked up.

We walked down a narrow path until we came upon a sign on a door labeled with a cartoon drawing of a panda. Excited, my heart raced. The minute we stepped inside, I inhaled the scent of the animals and the bamboo.

We were directed to a set of large observation panels that looked into a room where the animals were housed at night.

Our guide, Felicity, went to the window and held out her arms, Vanna White style. “Let me introduce you to Mei Lun and Mei Huan!”

“They are gorgeous!” I managed to keep my voice a whisper as I squatted down next to the window and placed my hand on the glass.

The twins lay on their backs, but when they realized there were new people in the facility, they lazily rolled over on their sides. It appeared they were waking from a nap.

One of the more curious pandas made it’s way over to the window, observing us with large dark eyes. The wide, black, nose sniffed before licking the glass as if trying to catch our scent.

“Let me share some little known facts about our panda family…”

I listened with enthusiasm as our guide shared details about the Pandas inhabiting their zoo. Though I’d researched the care of the animal for the past few weeks, there was nothing like getting information from the source.

Next, we followed her to another holding pen where the mother and father pandas were kept.

“Now, let’s go to where the fun really happens.” We followed Felicity through a door that led to a room where several workers were wheeling barrels of bamboo toward the Panda’s holding pens. “It’s feeding time!”

I kept my girlish giggle inside and watched as bamboo was distributed to each animal. Observing the activities was an amazing experience. Without thinking, I was making mental notes of the steps being taken by the staff and imagining what it would be like to do this for the pandas in San Diego.

“You seem to really be into it.” A deep chuckle came from behind me.

“I can’t help it. They are beautiful!” The joy I felt inside kept my checks spread in a goofy grin. I looked up to see who had spoken to me.

My eyes traveled to a man who stood with both hands in his pockets, and a soft smile on his face. He appeared to be a few years older than me, and had dark skin and dark brown eyes. His shirt was different from the others which meant he must be the man in charge.

“Welcome to our facility. My name is Kenneth. And you are?” He held out a hand to my boss, his attention leaving me.

“Dr. Tucker, but you can call me Barry.” They shook hands before Kenneth’s gaze turned in my direction.

“Ebony.” I smiled and accepted the handshake he offered.

“Ebony, it’s nice to meet you.” Kenneth didn’t rush to let go of my hand, and instead looked me up and down.

My smile faltered ever so slightly. It had been a long time since I ran into a man that made me pause.

Not since the night that I meet my husband.

Kenneth stepped away and went to the aid of his workers. But when he had a moment, his attention came back to me.

Oh boy, this was going to be trouble.



Chapter 4, coming next Sunday!


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