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Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! Trevon didn’t see what happened last week coming! So now with a lack of appetite and a much needed breath of fresh air, it’s time to see what happens next…

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Chapter 9



“Don’t say a word,” Andre said as he backed out of the driveway.

It was easy to comply because I didn’t know what to say.

Scratch that, yes I did, and it was colored with a ton of expletives.

We’d pulled out of his subdivision and turned on to the main street when he spoke again. “That’s not how you know her.”

I felt his glare, but stared ahead.

“I know you, and I know her. Either Malik doesn’t give a damn or missed it completely. What aren’t you telling me?”

My jaw clenched, I chose my words carefully. “Is her name really Kai?”

“Yeah, so?”

I exhaled and shook my head. “When we met, she told me her name was Devon.”


“She also told me she’d broken up with her fiancé.”

“O-kay…and when was this?”

I closed my eyes and rubbed the bridge of my nose. “Last Saturday.”

Andre was silent for all of thirty seconds. “Saturday? The night we played basketball and Malik was supposed to meet us?”

I nodded.

“That’s impossible. Malik ditched us to spend the evening with her.”

I huffed. “Apparently he lied to somebody. I was at the bar near my house when she showed up, dressed to impress. She was pissed off, Andre. She kept sending text messages before slamming her phone in her purse. When she sat down next to me, she asked me why men lie. The conversation went from there.”

“The conversation?” He sucked his teeth. “From the look you guys had, it must have been more than conversation.”

I didn’t respond.

“Hold up, you didn’t…”

I cleared my throat and looked out the passenger side window.

“You hit that?” he asked in disbelief.

I faced him. “I didn’t know she was Malik’s girl, I swear, Dre. If I’d known, I would have walked away.”

“Damn!” Andre’s hand went to his mouth as his eyes grew wide. “Mother─”

“Hey, it was consensual, believe me. In fact, she’s the one who instigated it. We connected, for real, man. I would have been happy getting her number and taking her out on a date. She wanted…insisted that we have sex.”

Andre squirmed in the driver’s seat. “That’s all I need to know, man. I refuse to get caught up in this shit.”

“Wish I wasn’t in it, either.” My attention went back to the landscape as we drove down the street.

We rode in silence for a few minutes. “How are you going to handle it?”

“I have no idea.”


Back at the house, I found an excuse to keep my distance from Devon.

Or was it Kai?

How in the hell had I managed to sleep with the one woman in Atlanta who was connected to a friend? The messed up part was I didn’t feel guilty.

It wasn’t like he was one of my boys. His younger brother, Andre, just happened to be a really good friend. Malik and I hung out from time to time through association. Shooting hoops and sport parties were the extent of our time dealing with each other.

Though we often compared notes on the women we were with, I was a player. He was a straight dog.

The day he told us he was engaged and within two weeks he told us about this hot number from work he’d screwed, I’d felt bad for his fiancée, even though we’d never met.

And when we met, I unknowingly slept with her.

And connected with her on a level that made me contemplate being involved in a real relationship again.

And it all was a lie.


I walked down the short hall to the guest bathroom to wash BBQ sauce off my hands. The door was closed, so I knocked.

“I’m in here!” My sister yelled through the door.

“Oh, sorry, Ebony. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good! You’ve got some great friends, Tre!”

“Glad your enjoying yourself. I’ll use bathroom upstairs.”


I jogged up the steps to the hallway bathroom, washed my hands, and took care of business. I washed again, dried my hands on my pants, then opened the door.

Devon/Kai stood on the other side.

“We need to talk.” Her voice was low as she backed me into the confines of the restroom, closing us in. The door clicked.

My eyes trailed over her as an instant memory of our night spent together hit me in the chest. The passion. The conversation.

The disappointment.

“Let me explain,” she said as I opened my mouth to speak.

“Yeah, I think you owe me.” I shook my head. “This is fucked up, Devon…or is it Kai?”

She sighed. “Both. My middle name is Devon.”

“Finally, something that’s not a lie. Or is it?” I stared her down and forced the frustration aside.

“I didn’t lie to you that night, Trevon.”

My eyes narrowed. “You didn’t tell me your real name.”

“Devon is─”

“I get it,” I huffed. “You lied about your relationship, though. You are engaged, for crying out loud!”

Kai held up a finger. “That wasn’t a lie, either. I’d broken things off with Malik. We were supposed to meet that night to work it out, but he blew me off. I was pissed, remember?”

I crossed my arms and leaned against the sink. “But you’re not now.”

She sighed again. “After the night we…met, Malik caught up with me again, apologized and yes, we made up.”

I cringed and rubbed my brow. “Are you really a florist?”

Not like it mattered.

“Okay, that one was a lie, but not completely. My family owns a floral shop and I am a trained florist. I just chose to do something else with my life.”


God, why did I care?

She leaned against the door, obviously in no hurry to leave. “I’m a firefighter.”

I didn’t see that one coming.

Impressed, my first instinct was to ask her why she chose that field of work. As beautiful as she was, she could have done anything with her life besides risk it.

Damn…this was not good. Regardless of the circumstances of our meeting and the lies told, the attraction felt the night we met was still there, at least on my side of things.

And she was completely inaccessible.

“What do you see in him, Kai? I’ve always wondered what kind of woman would put up with his bullshit. I never imagined it would be someone like you. You’re selling yourself short. You deserve…” I shook my head and looked away.

What was I doing? Telling her to break up with Malik and get with me?

I closed my eyes and massaged the bridge of my nose.

“…better. You deserve much better.”


My cell phone rang, cutting her off. Glad for the distraction, I answered on the second ring.


“Hey, boss, there’s a woman at the restaurant asking for you,” Gary, the bartender at the Applebee’s I managed said.

“Your kidding me. It’s my day off. Put Tom on it. He’s there, right?”

“Yeah, but the lady says it’s important and will only talk to you.”

I sighed, checked my watch. “It’ll be an hour before I get there. I’m in Decatur.”

“I’ll let her know, but believe me, boss, she’s rooted in with no plans to leave.”

The call ended.

I slipped the phone into my pocket. When I looked up, Kai’s eyes were on mine.

Those dark cat-shaped orbs that had stared down at me as she took me to the heights of pleasure that…I rubbed my eyes, forcing the memory to leave. “I gotta go.”

She nodded. “I’m sorry, Trevon. I didn’t mean to use you.”

I looked at her, dead on. “Yes, you did. Hope it was everything you were looking for.”

Her mouth opened as if to reply, but closed again before she stepped out of the way.

My hand on the knob, I looked over my shoulder. “I’d wish you the best in your relationship, but that wouldn’t be true. You see…all men don’t lie.”


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    • Hi, April! Thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I can’t believe that the final chapter and book will be coming NEXT WEEK!!! Yay!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    “You see…All men don’t lie.” Okay. Go Trevon.

    At least I’m not still disappointed in Kai. She really wasn’t completely lying about her name. A firefighter? Interesting. Hope she’ll finally kick Loser Malik to the curb. And another woman about to come back to Trevon? MJ, you can tell I’m confused, as you’d planned, as I’m just rambling.

    Stephanie. Confused? Glad he told her off. Left her speechless. What do you think?

    Glad we’re down to last week.

    • Hi Paulette!

      No, she wasn’t lying, just fast with coming up with something to say. If it had been me, all you would have gotten would be, ‘uh…’. LOL! Poor Trevon, even though he’s pissed, he still can’t get past that bone deep attraction to Kai. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t resist a chance to find out more about her. My favorite part was the fact that he didn’t feel guilty sleeping with her since he knew what kind of man Malik was and how he’d been sleeping around, even though they he and Kai were engaged.

      And alas, there’s only one more chapter left…but hey, four days after that, the book will be out! Yay!! I hope I’ve done a good job introducing the new characters and getting you hooked and ready for the full story. I think you guys are going to like where this goes. More drama, some action, and of course, the emotional roller coaster ride I call The Butterfly Memoirs. 🙂

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  3. Hey Paulette,
    No I wasn’t confused. I’m glad Trevon told her straight. What I am concerned about is what he finds at work… Yes Ms. Kane, I am ready for the rollercoaster ride I know you will be taking our emotions on. You are already doing it with this minnie story…..

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