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Last week you met Kai and her cousin, Ricky. She’s about to go to her god-nephews birthday party and there’s no doubt that she’s going to run into her ex-fiance. After some encouragement from Ricky, Kai sits down and lets him do his ‘artistic thang’ and apply her makeup. In Kai’s world, some things are more important than worrying about her personal appearance…Besides, as a cross-dresser, he’s pretty good at creating a work of art from a clean, blank canvas.


“Hell, I can do your makeup better than you can.”

I laughed. He was telling the truth.

My profession didn’t require me to spend a lot of time in the mirror every morning. As a firefighter, the last thing I had time to worry about was makeup when at work. Twenty-four hour on/forty-eight hour off shifts weren’t conducive to precision makeup application and good hair days.

A clean face and my hair in a ponytail was all I needed. Simple and efficient. None of the guys wanted to see me walking around the station reminding them of their girlfriends and wives.

Being the only female at the station was enough to make my job challenging.



Nobody's Business

About the novel….

Trevon Campbell’s world changed the moment his ex-girlfriend announced he was a father. Determined to make up for his past mistakes, he gives Trina what she wanted before their breakup, what feels like his soul, which means forgetting the woman he had a one-night stand with, the woman who stole his heart.

Kai Malone doesn’t want to play by her family’s rules. Instead of working for the family business, she became a firefighter. Being a female of multicultural descent, working in a field dominated by men, Kai focuses on her job to ignore the infidelity of her fiancé. Tired of his deceit, she gave in to a one-night stand with a complete stranger, someone she’d never have to see again…or so she thought.

When tragedy strikes, their worlds collide, leaving them no choice but to deal with each other again. It doesn’t take long for them to realize the attraction that brought them together the first time is stronger than ever, forcing Trevon to make the biggest decision of his life.

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2 thoughts on “#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Career

  1. Good Morning MJ,

    I enjoy that your characters are in relatable regular type jobs. Seems like her cousin is getting her prepared to face her ex in her physical appearance, as well as emotionally. He knows she’ll need a lot of confidence and feeling good about herself will help.

    • Hi, Paulette! Yes, you are correct! Despite having a job that causes her to risk her life on a daily bases, she’s still a woman, and the emotional repercussions of running into her ex-fiance again could be damaging…

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