MJ Update: New Podcasts and More!

Hi guys! I know I’ve been quiet online (unless you happen to follow me online), but man, have I been busy! For those of you who didn’t know, I work a full-time job which I love. It keeps me around books and lets me be able to share my love of reading and storytelling with little ones, as well as older readers. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of having The Butterfly Memoirs series available in several library systems, including the one I work for. I have to say, I LOVE being able to talk characters and story line with my readers face-to-face. After all, what author doesn’t like a review of their work? It’s one thing to read what someone has written online, and a completely different thing to have them in your face telling you what they do and don’t like (yes, I’ve had both, but it’s not as bad as you think!) Every time I get to talk to a reader I get inspired to write a little longer or to say nope to the bed or TV when I get home to put in an hour of work.

But, working and writing is not all that I do. For the past eight months, I’ve had the pleasure of hooking up with Lady Kayne and co-host a podcast entitled, Major Shenanigans which can be found on Spreaker.com. We film/broadcast every Friday for two hours and share the crazy things we’ve experience throughout the week, as well as stories of what’s going on in the world. We laugh, we have fun, and we have guests, too! I am super excited to say that Major Shenanigans is now available on iTunes! Look us up! You’ll find our current shows as well as a catalog of shows going back to February 2017.

Recently, it was suggested that I do a podcast of my own that focuses on my passion for writing. So, I am excited to announce that starting July 8, 2017! Its Lit! with M.J. Kane will focus on getting to know the person behind the work. Be it authors, poets, or songwriters, Its Lit will be the podcast to see and listen too to get to know the person behind their social media pages.

The first episode of Its Lit! will air on Facebook Live and Spreker.com July 8th, from 7 to 9 pm, then every other Saturday. To catch it live, follow this link to LIKE and FOLLOW Its Lit with M.J. Kane on Facebook. To listen in online, go to Spreaker.com. All episodes will be available on the Facebook page as well as on the Spreaker site.

My first guest on Its Lit! will be author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Kenni York as she talks about her books, her company, and her work in the community.

Until then check out Grind Time Radio ATL on Spreaker.com and check out the other podcasts recorded at The Grind Factory!

Major Shenanigans

The Party Team

Really Real Thursday’s with Pritty Tigger

I look forward to you tuning in next month!



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