#8SentenceSunday: Kitchen Duty….ALONE (Book 5 of The Butterfly Memoirs)

This week I’m changing POV’s for the next few weeks and introducing Kelli, the woman who has become the center of Derrick’s attention. Get to know her by reading her diary post and bio. Now, on to the fun part! Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…The Final Truth

Welcome back! Today is the last day of #8Sunday shares of the fourth novel in The Butterfly Memoirs, NOBODY’S BUSINESS! If you’ve enjoyed the snippets from the fourth novel, then you’ll love this… I am excited to announce that the Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Clean Air

Welcome back! Last week found Trevon and Kai together again, but this time there is no one around to interrupt. Trevon has finally had a chance to explain himself. The little boy she saw him with at the party was Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Surprise?

Welcome back! Last week, Kai ran into Trevon, the one man who made her re-think past relationships. She learned a lot about him during that encounter, including the fact that he was a free agent with no attachments. Seeing him Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Unexpected Reunion

Welcome back! For Kai, running into her ex-fiance Malik was not a surprise; she’d been prepared. But…seeing the man she spent one night with affects her in more ways than she expected… Snippet:  I knew that voice. Though it was Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Flashback

Welcome back! With her cousin Ricky’s help, Kai Malone is nearly ready to face her ex-fiance after months of not seeing him. In fact, she didn’t even see him they day she called everything off… Snippet: After promising to meet Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Career

Welcome back! Last week you met Kai and her cousin, Ricky. She’s about to go to her god-nephews birthday party and there’s no doubt that she’s going to run into her ex-fiance. After some encouragement from Ricky, Kai sits down Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Kai

Welcome back! Today we’re switching POV’s and visiting Chapter 2. Meet Kai Malone, a woman who is satisfied with the hand life has dealt her. She’s single, and has spent the past 5 years enjoying her career of being a firefighter. Today Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Long Term Memory

Welcome back! Trevon is visiting with his son and his ex-girlfriend,Trina. It’s been eight months since he learned about the existence of his two year old son and the health problems he is faced with. Determined to do the right Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Reality

Welcome back! Last week we saw a memory Trevon had of a one-night stand that has stuck with him for months. It wasn’t his first time having that type of relationship, but it was the first time he got so Continue reading