When Characters Start Talking….#MJKaneMedia Update!

Once upon a time, ‘voices’ started popping into my head. No, not the crazy kind that get you sent to the insane asylum, but the ones authors get when an idea about what story to write comes to you in Continue reading

A Heart Not Easily Broken is coming to Audible!!!

  I am happy to announce the first book of The Butterfly Memoirs Series will soon be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! The beauty of audio books is being able to take your favorite novel with you wherever you go. Continue reading

#CoverReveal- Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki by Katrina Sisowath

From 5 Prince Publishing: Release Date: June 19, 2014 The Annunaki on Nibiru lack precious metals, stones and minerals, which they desire, food on Nibiru is also running low. Their solution: establish a colony on a distant planet teeming with Continue reading

#Cover Reveal- The Letter Drawer by Sarah Galloway

Coming soon from 5 Prince Publishing!  True love never dies, but is it enough to heal a broken faith?  Claire and Evan met when they were children. They grew up together and fell in love. When Evan became a soldier, Continue reading

#CoverReveal- How to Have an Amicable Divorce by Lindsay Harper

Have you ever got yourself in so deep you feel like running away and starting a new life? That’s exactly what wife and artist, Denizon Cartwright felt like doing. After deciding that she couldn’t put up with her unfaithful husband Continue reading

#CoverReveal from 5 Prince Publishing- The Three Mrs. Monroes by Bernadette Marie

From loss breeds new opportunity. Amelia Monroe had felt the sharp pain from the loss of a soldier before—Adam Monroe’s death didn’t have that same effect. Sam Jackson had one job—deliver Adam Monroe’s revised will. Even he couldn’t have anticipated Continue reading

#CoverReveal- The Acceptance (The Keller Family Series- Book 8) by Bernadette Marie

Coming from 5 Prince Publishing May 28, 2014!  Tyler Benson’s world was shaken with the news that he had a sister—one he never knew he had. Though he loves his sister, and his family remains a tightly woven unit, he Continue reading

#8Sunday Sample: New Release!!!! LONELY HEART (Book 3 of The Butterfly Memoirs) -Enter the Matrix…

I know, crazy reference to a wonderful movie, but it means the same. There comes a time in life when a path is set before us and we must decide which way to go. What will be the outcome? Can Continue reading

#CoverReveal- Desperado by Sara Barnard

A haunted mallet. A spooky song. An old west ghost story. Can Shelby survive a family camping trip or will the ghost of past misdeeds come calling?  Shelby didn’t want to go on the family camping trip with her parents Continue reading

And We Have a Winner!!!!!

Last week I held a contest giving readers a chance to win an autographed copy of my next novel, LONELY HEART (Book 3 of The Butterfly Memoirs). I’m happy to say we have a winner!!! But before I announce it, Continue reading