#8SentenceSunday: Regrets….ALONE (Book 5 of The Butterfly Memoirs)

  ***WHOO HOO!!! ALONE will be #1Click ready this week!!! Look for it November 3, 2016!!! In the meantime, check out this weeks snippet! *** Derrick continues to wallow in self-pity, drowning the aggravation of how his life has turned out in a Continue reading

#SneekPeek of the Upcoming Release, ALONE (Book 5 of the Butterfly Memoirs)

Hey guys! In 18 days, the next novel in the Butterfly Memoirs series, ALONE will be available! Recently, I was invited by the A Taste of Romance book club to do an online chat and share the stories of the series. Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…The Final Truth

Welcome back! Today is the last day of #8Sunday shares of the fourth novel in The Butterfly Memoirs, NOBODY’S BUSINESS! If you’ve enjoyed the snippets from the fourth novel, then you’ll love this… I am excited to announce that the Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Civil Conversation

Welcome back! Last week, Trevon took advantage of his run in with Kai to clear the air between them. Their one-night stand with a stranger has turned out to be way more than either of them imagined. Now that the lie Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Clean Air

Welcome back! Last week found Trevon and Kai together again, but this time there is no one around to interrupt. Trevon has finally had a chance to explain himself. The little boy she saw him with at the party was Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…The Truth

Welcome back! Trevon is minding his business, working as a secret shopper to scope out the customer service of an Applebee’s restaurant. His mind is on his job, that is until Kai Malone enters the building. The look on her Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…The Restaurant

Welcome back! Now we’re on to the final chapter of snippets…Chapter 3! But first, lets review what happened in Chapter 2, Kai’s POV… Last week ended with Kai being caught in the kitchen between the two men in her life…her Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Confrontation

Welcome back! Last week was a shocker for Kai. The woman who entered the room appears to be Trevon’s wife and is carrying a little boy who is obviously his son. Kai is unable to get past the fact that Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Surprise?

Welcome back! Last week, Kai ran into Trevon, the one man who made her re-think past relationships. She learned a lot about him during that encounter, including the fact that he was a free agent with no attachments. Seeing him Continue reading

#8Sunday Share! Nobody’s Business…Unexpected Reunion

Welcome back! For Kai, running into her ex-fiance Malik was not a surprise; she’d been prepared. But…seeing the man she spent one night with affects her in more ways than she expected… Snippet:  I knew that voice. Though it was Continue reading