For the Love of Mom…Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Got a mom who loves to read? ‘Gift’ her a series she’ll love! The Butterfly Memoirs features mothers who have no problem telling their kids how they feel… A Heart Not Easily Broken… Laura Young, mother to Brian Young, the Continue reading

#8Sunday Sample: New Release!!!! LONELY HEART (Book 3 of The Butterfly Memoirs) –Determination…

Antonio has convinced his uncle that since his grandmother directed Kaitlyn to their shop, there was no way she could be turned away. His uncle gives in and sends him to secure the part needed to fix the problem. But Continue reading

#GuestPost- 5 Things Interracial Couples Can Do to Make their Relationship Work + Giveaway by Roxy Wilson

Happy New Year, MJ.  It’s good to be visiting with you and your readers, today.  Like the rest of your fans, I’m eagerly anticipating your third book in the Butterfly Memoirs. It’s interesting that about a year ago, I had Continue reading

#FreeReadFriday- Jaded (Book Two of The Butterfly Memoirs) – Chapter 3

Welcome back to another #FreeReadFriday! As the holidays approach, life is going to be  hectic as preparations are made to celebrate  with friends and family. But book lovers know, your’s still going to squeeze in a few minutes to hide Continue reading

Support and Sacrifice in a Relationship: When Dreams Are Not Your Own

(This was originally posted on The Butterfly Memoirs Blog on 8/7/12) I found this article the other day and had to share: (for the full article, click the link below) ‘One of the key components of a relationship is the Continue reading