Googling Inspiration and Keeping Characters in Motion

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that dealt with writing, I know, I know…life has had me struggling to find focus on my life, family, and job and not so much on writing. Attempting to find Continue reading

#WriterWednesday- Interview with A.T. Hicks!

This week I introduce you to another great author, A.T. Hicks! She stopped by a few weeks ago to share how she cracked the mystery novel code. This weeks she’s back to tell us why she writes and offers a Continue reading

The Best Moment Award!

It was a pleasant start to my morning to open my email and learn that my blog has received the  Best Moment Award, and more specifically, my page that offers Helpful Advice for Aspiring Authors. It is a great feeling to learn Continue reading

#WriterWednesday- Interview with Carol Brill!

Today I introduce you to fellow Women’s Fiction author, Carol Brill. I had the privilege of meeting Carol in the Women’s Fiction forum on Goodreads…so many talented authors to be found! Take a moment to get to know her and learn about Continue reading

M.J. on Writing: To Hire an Editor or Not to Hire an Editor…That is the Question!


M.J. on Writing: To Hire an Editor or Not to Hire an Editor…That is the Question!

No matter what stage your writing career is in, editing is a step you don’t want to skip! I dusted this blog off (originally posted on This Writer’s Life, 1/12) and decided to share it again. This type of information never gets old! I hope it helps!


#WritingTips- Use Your Microsoft Word Doc Tools to Make Writing Easier!

When my Muse wakes me up in the middle of the night, or I have an epiphany of a new scene to add more life to my manuscript, the first thing I do is search for any means of recording Continue reading

Interview with Tom King!

Welcome author Tom King! He has a very interesting background he uses to find inspiration for the comic books and novels he writes. Sit down, grab a cup a coffee, and get to know him! Welcome, Tom! What inspired you Continue reading

What You Don’t Know About Queries CAN Hurt You!

So, you’ve written your story and want to share it with the world. But first, you have to query. What is a query? A query is a presentation of your manuscript shortened into brief paragraphs in the effort to draw an agent/publisher’s Continue reading

Interview with Nia Forrester!

One of the fun things about social networking is meeting  other authors who are taking various publishing paths to see their work put into readers hands. No matter what path you take, our experiences are different and can alter the voice of Continue reading