Character Bio’s

Butterfly SealName: Derrick Douglas

Birthday/Sign: November 18th/ Scorpio

Age: 31

Weight:  197

Race: African-American

Profession: Construction Foremen/ General Contractor

His Story:

Derrick has one goal in life: to do right by his family. After a past filled with bad decisions, he’s found his way back with the help of his parents. Determined to repay them, he has dedicated his life to helping run the family construction business and one day, taking over so his stepfather can retire and take care of his ailing mother.

Until his brother screws things up and runs the family business into the ground.

Derrick moves from Charlotte, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia in order to make a fresh start. His only connection to the city is his best friend, Trevon, and the promise of a new job. Helping his parents is still a priority and he has no problem sending money back home, but that’s as far as his desire to deal with family goes.

Despite his parents insistence that he find a wife and settle down, Derrick is hell-bent on staying single. Relationships are the last thing he has on his mind…unless the woman can fit his no-strings relationship policy. And with Georgia filled with sexy women, he’s sure he’ll be able to fill his needs in no time.

When his paths cross yet again with Trevon’s sister-in-law- a recently divorced mother of two- he can’t believe how much she intrigues him. Every time they run into each other, they’re facing off about one issue or another. She’s passionate about nearly everything and it turns him on in every way possible. Despite the attraction, asking her to fulfill his relationship needs is not an option because she’s got kids, and he has no intention of being anybody’s daddy.


Derrick’s Reflections



Butterfly SealName: Kelli Malone-Hernandez

Birthday/Sign:  January 8th/Capricorn

Age: 32

Weight: 125

Race: African-American/Cambodian

Profession: Florist/Secretary

Her Story:

In Kelli’s world, she had the perfect life. Married to the perfect man and mother of perfect kids, the last thing she expected was for her fairytale life to have an un-happy ending. Her perfect world came to an end the night she went into labor and her husband refused to answer text messages, phone calls, or even show up at the hospital. But in truth, she’d known her husband was having an affair when she found lipstick stains on his clothes. Pretending they didn’t exist didn’t change the fact that her marriage was over.

Seven months later and she’s still struggling to find balance. Living with her newlywed and very pregnant sister was never in her life plan.  Instead, she’s struggling to raise her two kids, lock down a steady job, and find a home, all the while waiting for her divorce to be finalized. Kelli is not in her happy place.

When her brother-in-law Trevon’s best friend shows up for dinner, she’s blown away by the tall, dark, and very handsome man. Sensing her attraction, her sister suggests she find some happiness in her life and hook up with him for a fling. Sex is the last thing on her mind, though. Unwilling to listen to what her body is telling her, she goes on the defensive and gives Derrick hell. A relationship of any kind, especially with a womanizing-bachelor, is the last thing she needs.


Kelli- Day 1 of My New Life

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