Derrick’s Reflections…

Today was a day from hell.

How could this have happened?

I knew we couldn’t trust Shaun. No matter how much faith my parents had in my brother, there was nothing we could do to fix him. He was a drug addict, plain and simple. No amount of money spent on rehab would change him. He had to change himself….just like I had to. And now, because of his scheming, our family’s business was ruined. We have nothing.

Not me, not my parents, not even Shaun. There would be no way to repair the company’s reputation.

My stepfather spent years building his company. He’s in his sixties now and does not have the stamina needed to rebuild the business. His time is needed elsewhere…with my mother. He’d offered to help me set up my own business, but I not interested, not now.

The only thing I want to do was leave town. There is nothing here for me. No family, besides my parents. And my brother…well, suffice it to say that I need to put as much distance between the two of us as possible. With the anger I fell, I would snap his neck in two and not think twice.

No, what I need is a new beginning.

A new job, a new city, a new…everything.

I’d done my research on new places to live, and after working for my boy, Trevon, in Atlanta, it seems like the place to be.’ Hotlanta’, as they call it is full of things to get into. Especially the Georgia Peaches. There were definitely some fine women down there.

Yeah, new job, new city, new woman to kick it with from time to time, that’s all I need to get my life back on track. Time to get packed.




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