Character Bios

Butterfly SealName: Trevon Campbell

Birthday/Sign: March 4th/Pisces

Age: 30

Weight: 195

Race: African-American

Profession: Assistant Manager of Applebee’s Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.




His Story:

Trevon Campbell is a man who enjoys his freedom, but knows there is something missing. His twin sister, Ebony Campbell (Young) got married, and his older sister, LaShana, is about to have her second child, which means his mother is wanting to know when he’ll be bringing home grandkids. If he had his way, it would be a while, not because he doesn’t want any, but because he hasn’t found ‘the one’. He’d been close before, but dodged that bullet…or so he thought.

Trevon’s world is knocked for a loop when he runs into a mysterious woman at a bar near his home. What started as an innocent conversation leads to an evening he can’t forget. For the first time, he connects with a woman who captures his heart. Unfortunately, she left him nothing but her name. And when their paths cross again, everything he thought he knew about her was a lie.

But before he can process this information, an ex-girlfriend from his past confronts him with news he never expected.

He has a son, and his son is ill.

Trevon’s priorities shift forcing him to focus on what matters most, his son’s health and making up for lost time with his mother. But when tragedy strikes, life changing decisions that will affect more than just his life leave him struggling to make the best decision for his son and find happiness in his own life.




Butterfly Seal

Name: Kai Malone

Birthday/Sign: January 2nd/Capricorn

Age: 35

Weight: 135

Race: African-American/Cambodian

Profession: Firefighter/Florist




Her Story:

Kai Malone is a woman who refuses to follow the norm. Coming from a very mixed family background, Kai has always followed her heart when it comes to deciding her life path, and not allowed her family to decide for her. As a firefighter, she has dedicated her life to helping others. In her personal life, she’s turned a blind eye to the infidelity of her fiancé, often blaming herself for the issues in their relationship.

One night she decides she’s had enough. Let sitting alone at a bar, a handsome stranger senses her irritation and attempts to strike up a conversation. One thing leads to another, and she finds herself in his bed. The next morning, she realizes the one-night stand was a bit more than she expected. Feeling vulnerable, she allows her ex back into her life and is determined to make things work. Things are going well until her path crosses with the man she slept with and realizes the man she never thought she’d see again knows her fiancé.

Then one night while doing her job, her efforts to save a family leave her injured and off the job. She’s forced to work the family business in an effort to keep from going crazy. Along the way, she discovers her heart opening up to a new love and a chance to find the happiness she deserves…if she can let go of her fear of losing the one thing she wants the most…a family.


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